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Green Code Studio

Who we are

We are a software house, which means a company that produces software and performs other programming work for clients. We offer comprehensive services from needs analysis, through design and implementation, to testing and deployment. We carry out projects for both small and medium-sized businesses and large corporations. We specialize in web, mobile and cloud technologies. Green Code Studio is part of Interactive Crew.

What we create:

Web apps

We create modern and responsive webapps, that works on every device and web browser.

Mobile apps

We create native and hybrid mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Cloud apps

We create scalable and secure cloud apps, that take advantage of the benefits of services like AWS, Azure, GCP etc.

Performance optimization

We analzie and fix performance of existings IT systems, by optimizing source code, databases, servers and other infrastructure elements.


We make webpages based on predefined templates using our own CMS.

System integration

We provide integration of different information systems using API, web services or other communication protocols. We enable data exchange between systems in real time or asynchronously.

App creation process

Needs analysis

At the beginning of cooperation with the client, we carefully analyze their needs and expectations. We define the scope and goal of the project, functional and non-functional requirements, target group and market. Based on the analysis, we prepare a requirements specification and a solution proposal.

Graphic design

Next, we create a graphic design of the application, which reflects the vision and visual identity of the client. We pay attention to the aesthetics, ergonomics and usability of the interface. We present the client with several variants of the project and take into account their comments and suggestions.


After accepting the graphic design, we proceed to the implementation phase. We choose the appropriate technologies and tools for the project. We divide the team into smaller groups, which deal with individual modules of the application. We use agile methodology and regularly present the client with progress in work.


After completing the implementation, we conduct tests of the application. We check the correctness of functionality, performance, security and compliance with requirements. We use different types of tests, such as unit, integration, acceptance, load and others. We fix any errors and defects.


After successful deployment of the application, we provide technical and service support to the client. We monitor the operation of the application and respond to any problems. We implement updates and patches. We listen to user feedback and propose improvements and expansion of the application.



3d models hosting service


Heat power calculator

Made for company 'Regulus'


Warehouse program

Made for EMS Elektro Metall Spezialprodukte Sp. z.o.o.


How to cooperate with us?

How to cooperate with us? If you are looking for a professional partner in creating custom software, contact us today. You can do it through the contact form on our website, e-mail or phone. Tell us about your needs and expectations, and we will prepare a free quote and schedule for your project. Don’t hesitate, realize your idea with us!

Why we?


We create software with the utmost care and attention to quality. That’s why we offer you a 2-year warranty on any bugs that may appear in our solutions. If you notice any problem or error, report it to us and we will fix it as soon as possible, without any additional costs.

Fixed price

We don’t like surprises and hidden fees. That’s why we agree with you on the exact scope and cost of the project before we start. We don’t charge for things that are not agreed with the client beforehand. If you want to make any changes or additions to the project, we will discuss it with you and present you with a new quote. You only pay for what you order.

Technical support

We don’t leave you alone after the project is finished. We provide you with technical support at every stage of cooperation. You can count on our help and advice on how to use, update and develop the software. We are at your disposal by phone, e-mail or chat. We are always happy to answer your questions and clear your doubts.


contact@green-code.studio +48 783 769 544

Have you got any idea for software? Tell us!

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Green Code Studio is a part of Interactive Crew