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Heater selection calculator

This is a new heating selection program from REGULUS®-system that allows for easy and quick calculation of the heating power demand for a given room and selection of the appropriate radiator model from the manufacturer’s offer. The program is available on the company’s website and is intended for both professionals and individual users.

The program is based on an advanced algorithm that takes into account parameters such as: room dimensions, room type, supply temperature, connection type, maximum height and length of the radiator. Based on this data, the program calculates the heating power demand and presents a list of matching radiators from the selected category. The user can see basic information about each radiator, such as: power, dimensions, price, product photo and a link to the website with full information. The user can also sort the results by various criteria and select one or more radiators for the summary list. From the summary list, you can export a pdf file with data on selected radiators, technical drawings and product codes. The pdf file can serve as a basis for placing an order with a distributor.

The tool is also useful for salespeople working at REGULUS®-system as it allows them to generate offers for customers more quickly and easily.

This project is a modern and user-friendly radiator selection tool that facilitates planning of heating installations and allows radiators to be matched to individual needs and preferences of users. This project is also an example of innovation and competence of REGULUS®-system company which has been producing and distributing high-quality heating systems for over 30 years.

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